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Some of our Amazing Clients


Chico and Trixie

It was about 5 years ago (when my little piece of life called Trixie arrived to my life), that I did a detailed research looking for a daycare which could provide the care that Trixie needed, while being convenient.
Border Collies are supposed to be working dogs, having her as a pet, demands lot of care, which I love to give, but work limits me from giving her the exercise she needs during weekdays.
At Rainbow, Trixie found more than a place to expend the day, she has large parks where to run/exercise with other friendly furry friends. The staff, knows very well how to mix them together, so they have a very agreeable experience. Furthermore, they play with them at the ability park, training their brains as well.
I can say, without a doubt, that Trixie has two homes.
Two years ago, I decided to increase the family and we got Chico (a Cane Corso - Pitbull mix). Rainbow helped me with their integration, providing a neutral environment for Trixie and Chico (T&C) to meet and become inseparables.
I shall mention that work not only keeps me busy during the week days, I also must travel quite often. I am lucky that Rainbow’s boarding services are beyond good, once I was away for a month, and came back to find T&C in same good conditions and level of happiness as I left them.
On top of that, the quality of the services is impressive, and they delivered it consistently. Prices are affordable and competitive, but you should note that Rainbow is not one of those small concrete places, once you see the installations you realize your dogs will be very happy, on a farm like well designed Pet daycare.
T&C love going to Rainbow, and so do I, we have friends there, but also a family.
-Yorvis (March 2018)


Nila and Buster

I started taking my white Shepard, Nilla, to Rainbow 7 yrs ago. When she was 2, she had been attacked by another dog & a friend suggested daycare to me so she wouldn't become aggressive with other dogs. Geoff was amazing with her & introduced her slowly to the other dogs. When my daughter got Buster he naturally joined Nilla at daycare. 
The prices are better than in the city & I love that they mostly play outside with lots of space to run. They are only 10 min outside of the city, so I have time to drive them out before work.
I also love that we can kennel them there & not worry if we go on a vacation because they are used to being out there & are always very well taken care of. They are the only place I trust with our treasured pets.
-Donna (March 2018)

Archer and Roxy.jpg

Archer and Roxy

I took both of my dogs to Rainbow Pet Care Centre. My big guy Archer is a rescue dog that needed some socialization skills. The Rainbow Pet Care Centre staff approached Archer in a non-threatening manner and helped comfort him in this new situation. Archer is now able to play in their Bark Park with other dogs and is learning his manners with humans. My Roxy is a smaller breed with lots of attitude. At Rainbow Pet Care Centre she is learning to share toys and to play nice. She’ll always be a Diva but will now have the socialization to play with other dogs. Their location is 10 minutes from my place and their prices are more than reasonable- I’ve compared to other pet services. Their staff has gone above and beyond to help me with my dogs. 
-Kathleen (May 2018)



We have been taking Jasper, our Bernese, to Rainbow Pet Care Centre since he was 6 months old. We regularly use the doggie day care and occasionally the boarding facility and have always felt comfortable that Jasper was well taken care of.  It is obvious that the staff care for and appreciate dogs and Jasper loves to go there.  He gets very excited when we arrive and looks forward to meeting all his doggie friends.  I highly recommend the Rainbow Pet Care Centre, and I appreciate the staff taking great care of our family pet.  Thank you Rainbow! 

-Donelda (May 2018)


Abby and Bentley

As soon as we turn down the dirt road our two pups start yelping with excitement cause they know exactly where they are going and we know they are in the best care. They could be there for boarding or a daycare, they always come home happy and exhausted. Geoff and Jackie have been amazing to our family. We had a family emergency one late Friday afternoon and we had to get to BC ASAP. We called last minute and they stayed open late for us to get our pups there and said for us not to worry about them and they can stay as long as we needed. Jackie called us to make sure we were doing ok and Geoff sent us pictures of our pups.  As hard as it was being away for that long, we fully trusted that Bentley and Abby were getting the care they deserved. We also came home on a last minute flight, completely exhausted but just wanted to get our pups and get home. They went the extra mile to get us back together with our pups as soon as possible. We have sincerely appreciated everything!
-Glenn & Jana (September 2018)



We started taking Nica to Rainbow Daycare when he was 1 ½.  He was a very high spirited puppy with lots of energy who needed more exercise than he was getting, as well as training, and socializing with other dogs his age.  The staff at Rainbow provided all of that and more. In a short time we started to notice improvement in his behavior and he was much calmer at nighttime because of all the running around he’s able to do.  They took the time and talked us through some basic training techniques along with some training of our own. :-) We were very excited to hear that Nica is now good friends with Charlie and has really improved socializing with other dogs. When I was unable to drive for a few days, due to eye surgery, Geoff said that they would help me out.  Between Geoff and Tian, they picked up and returned Nica for those few days. For us, that was over and above and proves their dedication and commitment to providing great service to our puppy. The location is very convenient and the cost is extremely reasonable.  We have said many times, “calling Rainbow is the best decision we could have made for Nica”. Thank you Jackie, Geoff and Tian for the great service you provide!!

-Marion and Tom (February 2019)



The team at Rainbow Pet Care do outstanding work and truly show a love for animals. 

The price point is very reasonable. Its good to know my dog is in good hands when I'm away. 

Geoff was so much help and went above and beyond all my wildest expectations!

-Vaughn (February 2019)

Cala and Gizmo 😎_#rainboswpetcarecentre

Calla and Gizmo

Rainbow Pet Care Centre is my dogs favorite place to be. I have used other daycare services in the past, but I find that the quality that I get from this daycare far exceeds anywhere else I've taken them. Geoff and Tian are wonderful with dogs and you can really tell they love them like their own. They are incredibly attentive, very patient and always willing to work with me and my dogs. My dogs come out happy at the end of every day. The boarding service is equally as great. I have also noticed an improvement in my dogs manners at the park with new dogs. The price is very reasonable, especially considering there are two dogs. Overall, I'm so pleased I found this place and the dogs love it too!

-Sydney (March 2019)

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